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A little history lesson

Ad Astra Tuition was founded in 2008 and ever since its inception has been increasing in both size and services offered. The three founders; each of whom are still immersed in the world of academia, have ensured that quality and service have not been sacrificed at any cost.


   "Teaching privately, and in schools, for a number of years has allowed us to really get to grips with what is at the heart of an educational system. This has empowered us to build upon our positive teaching experiences and simultaneously refine the teaching process. After all, teaching is a process, and an extremely methodological one at that.


John Cotton Dana once said, ‘Who dares to teach must never cease to learn’. It is this statement that is at the core of our philosophy. Education, both formally and informally always leaves the ones it touches in a more advantageous position. Always.

In an educational environment overcome by the ‘exam culture’, we aim to create students whose individual qualities and skill sets are unique to them.


Through building on their strengths, identifying and supporting them through challenges, our students receive a boost in confidence, paralleled with a boost in ability.


We encourage and advise on a whole range of activities that can complement a student’s academic career whilst also instilling in them a passion for learning. We aim to keep learning fun without sacrificing on core principles, and run no ‘gimmicks’ or teach any ‘quick tricks’.


We adhere to traditional teaching methods that have been proven to be the most effective, though we do not shun technology, and use it effectively to keep up with the advancements of today’s generation without diminishing the power of the pen."

co-founder: Z. Musa